Celebrating the Geometric Collection

As the brand has evolved over time, Corinne has gradually developed the beautiful Geometric collection. This elegant collection is all about using different angles, contrasting open negative space with positive space from within the same piece of jewellery. Recently we added our brand new Geometric Pendent and Earrings to the collection.

In celebration of this new addition, we are going to take you back to the beginning with our A Silver Circle Ring. The A Silver Circle signature ring is a simplistic yet sentimental piece encapsulating the original essence of the brand. The ring creates a very delicate and beautiful illusion of a circle floating on the finger.

The process of making the A Silver Circle Ring is intricate and complex. We will now take you ‘behind the scenes’ with Corinne in our Studio and explain all of the steps we go through to create this signature piece.

Firstly, Corinne will take a piece of silver wire and measure it to the correct length. This will then need to be heated with a torch before it can be easily bent into the desired shape.

In the case of a circle, the wire is placed on a tapered cone-shaped mandrel. A rawhide mallet, made from a coil of leather, is used to even out the shape along the mandrel without denting the wire.

To get the two ends to attach, tension needs to be created in the wire. Once the ends are aligned, a small amount of solder is applied and melted with the torch. This helps the ends to permanently fix together.

To turn it into a ring, another piece of wire which will become the ring band needs to be attached. This wire is filed in a channel which matches up perfectly with the side of the circle so they hug each other securely. Again, solder is used to attach the ends.

Once this is done, the ring is now constructed and can be filed and polished to get that shiny finish.

The signature ring was expanded into a ring collection including the Hexagon, Square, Oval, Triangle, and the 9 ct. Gold Edition of the ring. We are now premiering the Geometric Pendant and Earrings which are quite unique and beautiful in their own way. With the two different shapes hanging independently on opposite angles, their gentle movement can really catch the eye.

To add the essential A Silver Circle Ring or any of the other pieces from the Geometric Collection to your jewellery box, visit our shop page.

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