Textured Collection


The Textured Collection is a series of necklaces, earrings, rings and cufflinks made from reticulated sterling silver. What’s reticulated silver you ask? It’s an experimental process in which you heat a sheet of silver to melting point. The process is hypnotic to watch as the silver surface bubbles and pools in response to an open flame. This process of reticulation organically renders each piece unique from another. As a result of the my curiosity for texture and penchant for experimentation, the textured collection was born.


The textured collection was named after its inspiration and focal point: texture. My fascination with texture intrinsically led to the simple shape and scale in the collections design. This marriage of tactility and simplicity in design has established a timeless and balanced aesthetic which is universal in style.


Reticulation is a making process which lends itself to a degree of playfulness and improvisation. I enjoy my complete control in determining how much heat to apply to the surface and the intrinsic effect that this has. By using an open flame, I bring the sterling silver to melting point. I do this with the silver is placed against a charcoal block as it reflects the heat from the fire which causes the metal to reach melting point at a faster rate. Additionally, the charcoal is non-stick which helps to produce a double-sided effect on the silver. The silver is then immersed into a neutralising bath which settles the surface and sets in the design.


The unique nature of the textured collection empowers the wearer with a sense of individuality. Whether it be from adorning their ears with the drop textured earrings, or adding an element of texture to the crisp cuff of their shirt – the textured collection will add an element of sophistication and interest to any wearer. The androgynous and simple design of the collection lends itself to layering with other rings, necklaces and styles. The textured collection can therefore work as a statement piece, or as a layered element. As a result, the collection boasts a versatile nature leaving the wearer with nothing but opportunities in terms of styling.


The textured collection’s experimental birth has ironically led to the production of accessible design. Through this accessibility, the collection has grown from feminine necklaces to include unisex cufflinks. The diversification of the design stems from its focus on texture opposed to a desired aesthetic. As a result, each piece in the collection acts as a unique homage to the elegant balance between texture and form.


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