Domed Patterned Earrings Long


Domed Patterned Earrings Simple elegance is achieved with these long drop earrings. Featuring roller imprinted patterns, the inside of these domed forms have a great depth while reflecting the light beautifully.

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Domed Patterned Earrings Capture elegance with these intricately patterned domed earrings. Their simple yet unique patterns draw attention and accentuate any outfit you wear. The domed forms create depth, and the detailed patterns reflect the light beautifully. The long slender metal drops mean that this piece can be paired with other earrings without over-cluttering the space around the ear.

The handcrafted earrings are all unique in their patterned imprints. Choose from the lace pattern for more detail, the mesh for a more modern look, the matte for a more demure look, or the threads for a more contemporary look.

The Domed Patterned Collection includes studs, long and medium length drop earrings, cufflinks, pendants, rings and pin brooches.

Length: 40mm
Width: 15mm
Depth of dome: 8mm

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Domed Pattern

Lace, Matte, Mesh, Threads


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