Branch Earrings


These earrings feature a variety of beautiful native Australian branches, varying in colours, shapes, and sizes and are complemented by 2 sides made from solid Sterling Silver.

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Branch Earrings Simplicity, warmth and texture are combined in this piece. With a simple triangular form, two sides are made of solid sterling silver with the third a specially selected piece of branch. These earrings feature beautiful Red Gum branches that have a slight red colour over the dark brown base.

The Branch Collection features Pendants and Earrings with different wood pieces including Eucalyptus, Red Gum, Huon Pine and more. All wood pieces are treated to retain their colour and integrity. All pieces are handmade and therefore have variations in size and shape as well as each wood piece being slightly different with natural variations.

Height: 20-30mm
Width: 20-25mm
Depth: 7mm
Hook: 15mm


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