A love of art was always inherent in me, yet it took until my teenage years to find the medium I could really express myself through. After taking home some wire and glass from art class at 16 years of age, I came back the next day with pendants, rings and bracelets. From there, I took the steps to learn the new skills that would become my craft. Enrolling in a University of New South Wales Summer School course gave me the basic skills to progress before enrolling in a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Jewellery and Object Design at the University of Sydney in 2004. After finishing my undergraduate course, I took some time off to travel and explore the world for new inspiration and came back to Sydney in 2010 to complete my Honours year.

In 2011, I was given an opportunity to become a Graduate Resident at Sturt Contemporary Craft in Mittagong. This time allowed me to explore my practice further and refocus my attention to production pieces more than the exhibition pieces I was previously making. From there A Silver Circle Design was born and Sturt Gallery soon became my first stockist.

My design philosophy is based on an exploration of materials and that of the natural world. Using natural materials such as wood, alongside silver, the textures, forms and qualities of each material are exposed and how they compliment or oppose each other.

Experimentation with materials is an important part of my practice. Through deconstruction, recycling and reinventing materials, there is room to discover new qualities in these items and give them a new language.

Simplicity in form is also a chief element in my designs. I see the form as the framework or bones of the piece; these are the structural elements that hold the piece together. From there, I can create the language with materials, textures and colours. The use of juxtaposition is one that I am always playing with, the ideas of hard vs. soft, light vs. dark, warm vs. cold etc create a tension in the piece but also a balance. When this balance is achieved, a successful piece is born.