The Navajo Collection has arrived!

The Navajo Collection is inspired by the art, landscape and spiritual practices of the Native American Navajo tribe. The Navajo people have passed down unique art and craft practices for generations. Navajo women weave beautiful blankets with intricate designs in the shape of the sunsets and mountains of Southwest America.

The shapes featured in our collection are likewise crafted in the image of the distinct landscape where the Navajo people dwell. Furthermore, the unique movement of each piece is inspired by the strong currents of the Colorado River, which flows through the rugged desert landscape.

The collection is comprised of two Pendants and two pairs of Earrings handcrafted and each special in shape, texture and movement.

Navajo Diamond Earrings & Pendant

Exquisitely handcrafted from recycled silver, the Navajo Diamond Earrings & Pendant are conceptually inspired by the image of the sun setting over America’s desert mountains. The details of their textured finishes are highlighted by the unique movement their design features.

Bold yet delicate, the Navajo Diamond Earrings & Pendant are beautiful tributes to the culture of America’s south-western tribes as well as the iconic terrain they reside in.

Navajo Circle Earrings & Pendant

Our Navajo Circle Earrings & Pendant are elegant statement pieces that, like their diamond shaped counterparts, feature influences from Navajo art and jewellery. The image these pieces portray the setting sun over a body of water with a single teepee at the centre.
These pieces’ simple design are also reminiscent of the tribe’s deep-felt spirituality. Navajo jewellery is believed to channel harmony, healing and spiritual energy to the wearer.

The Navajo Collection is highly conceptual and totally unique so be sure to get your hands on these amazing pieces. You can order through our online store or come see us at various markets around the place – keep an eye on our Instagram or Facebook pages for all the dates.

Christmas is Here! Your guide to the perfect gift.

The gift giving season is fast approaching and no matter who you’re finding a gift for, A Silver Circle has a piece for everyone. Our handmade jewellery is crafted from eco-friendly recycled sterling silver and is a unique and sustainable gift that everyone will love. Here is our guide to find the perfect gift for anyone on any budget.


For when one just isn’t enough we’ve chosen some of our favourite sets to make it easy for you to find the perfect gift.


For those who love rings create a customised ring stack for them to express their personality by picking a variety of different textures, shapes and sizes. Here’s some of our favourite rings for stacking! Featured here from top to bottom is the Thin Hammered Ring Band, Textured Ring Medium, Black Twist Ring and Half Round Ring.

Don’t know the size?? Use our printable size chart on any of our ring product pages to find the perfect fit.

The Textured Collection

Our Textured Collection features some of our most popular pieces that you can use to create a unique and personal gift set. Including necklaces, earrings, rings and cufflinks there are plenty of pieces to choose from which all center around an interesting texture. Featured in this image is the Textured Studs in the Medium Size and the Textured Small Pendant.



We all have so many people to buy for at this time of year and as much as we would like to spend up a storm, it isn’t always possible. The perfect gift that’s unique, sustainable and beautiful doesn’t have to blow your budget! We have plenty of options that are budget friendly, here are some great gift options for under $60.


With a solid sterling silver fine box chain and a delicate curved silver piece the Curved Bar Necklace makes a simple yet beautiful gift. The Chevron Silver Necklace features the elegant shine of the sterling silver centre piece strung with a soft silk cord. With a range of colours and lengths, there are the perfect choice for your loved ones this Christmas.


With a great selection or affordable rings, we are just featuring two of our best sellers. Both of these pieces can be stacked with other rings, multiples of the same or are beautiful on their own. The Flight Ring features an elegant V shaped dip at the front while the Twisted Ring adds texture and shine to any look.


The Large Round Resin Studs are a classic piece that will never go out of style and are also very affordable with a great dash of colour and shine. The Domed Patterned Studs are for young or old and have a elegant shine for everyday.


All of our pieces have a classic aesthetic and are a great investment because they’ll never go out of style. Here are some of our favourites that are a great investment for long after this Christmas.

Domed Patterned Collection

The Domed Patterned Collection exhibit elegance with a simple yet unique pattern and domed form which creates depth and captures and reflects light beautifully. The Domed Patterned Collection also feature studs, long and medium length drop earrings, cufflinks, pendants, rings and pin brooches.

Geometric Collection

The Geometric Collection embraces the negative space though the simplistic and clean cut shapes in every piece. The collection consists of Earrings, Rings, and Pendants, all of which come in various different shapes such as Circles, Hexagons, Triangles, Ovals and Squares. These pieces will create a point of difference, as there is nothing quite like these unique and subtle pieces.


If you’re looking for a one of a kind present for a one of a kind person we have plenty of pieces that are a bit on the quirky side. Here are some of our more unique collections.

Figure Collection

For jewellery that will be a conversation starter, Our Figure Collection features Teardrop Pendants and Earrings as well as Oval shaped Pendants and Earrings with a playful contrast of geometric shapes and small figurines. There are five different figurines to choose from each with their own personality so you can customise your gift to truly express your loved one’s inner quirkiness.

The Miniatures Collection

The Miniatures Collection features unique pieces that are both a sculpture and a wearable piece of jewellery. Designed from the image of old school tables and chairs the simple elements and clean lines make is a timeless piece for anyone who is looking for a statement piece of jewellery with a bit of nostalgia. Featured here is the Step Ladder, Chair and Window Pendants.


For those who love the outdoors, own a few too many succulents or feel like a bit of a bohemian, you can find a gift true to their green spirit in our Branch and Navajo Collections.

The Branch Collection

Anyone who loves nature and the outdoors will love our Branch Collection. The Pendant and Earrings use a variety of delicate native Australian branches that vary in colour, shape and size. Each piece of the Branch Collection captures a piece of the Australian Bush that make the perfect gift.

The Navajo Collection

The Navajo Collection features our newest pieces which make a gorgeous gift for a beautifully unique individual. The Navajo Collection features a Diamond or Circle shaped Pendants and Earrings inspired by the art and jewellery of the Native American Navajo tribe. Crafted in the image of the sunsets and mountains of the Southwest American landscape, each piece is unique in shape, texture and movement.

With many more pieces to choose from, continue your search on our SHOP page.

3 Things, 3 Ways!

Whether your fashion sense involves wearing every colour of the rainbow or a more monochromatic palette, all of our pieces are extremely versatile and make a great addition to any style. We love to play with wearing our pieces in different ways so we thought we would share with you some of favourite ways of wearing some of our best selling pieces.

Textured Ring

Our Textured Ring is a great way to express your style every single day! Whether you layer it into your existing collection or wear it on it’s own, here some of our favourite ways to style them.

The Textured Rings are the perfect feature to your layering ring collection. Mix and match the different shapes and textures from our collection to create a wide band of rings that you can rearrange every day. This is perfect if you are looking for more of a bold and funky look.

The Textured Ring also looks great on it’s own as a simple statement piece that will add elegance and class for those who prefer a more refined classic look.

For a more bohemian styled look, layer a combination of these with some Twisted Rings as midi and regular rings up the hand, to create an interestingly textured look.

Curved Bar Necklace

The Curved Bar Necklace offers endless styling options for everyday and special occasions, here are some of our go to looks.

For the creative artsy type of girl the Curved Bar Necklace can be layered with our Stone Bar Necklace and Bar Link Chain to create a unique look.

If you’re more of a natural, down to earth girl, pair the Curved Bar Necklace with one of our new Navajo necklaces for an earthy, effortless look.

The Curved Bar Necklace also looks great as a stand alone piece for the girl with a simple and chic style.

Domed Collection

Our Domed Collection earrings are available in three different lengths to take you from a casual weekend look, to the office and to a great night out!


For those who prefer a more refined simple look the studs in the Domed Collection add elegance that can be worn as a casual everyday piece or dressed up for a special occasion.

Medium Drop
The Medium Drop are the perfect in between option from the Domed Collection. They are great for creating a sophisticated and subtle look perfect for everyday at work and take you to nice dinner out.

Long Drop
The stunning Domed Patterned Earrings Long create an elegant look exemplifying class and beauty that will make sure you standout at any special occasion.

With endless style possibilities, all of our pieces are an investment that will keep on giving.

The Story of A Silver Circle

Having operated for nearly four years now, the A Silver Circle has endured the breezy highs and the stormy lows that come along with starting a new business. Regardless, the journey has been incredible and has unfolded into something special. In this blog post, we will get up close and personal with Owner and Designer Corinne, on how A Silver Circle has come to be what it is today.

Despite being an Honors Graduate with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Jewellery and Object Design since 2011, Corinne was working full time in retail before it all began in 2013. She hit a standstill when she suddenly decided to quit with no idea what she was going to do. Little did she know, that this decision would lead to a number of things falling into place.

Corinne visited a careers advisor named Chloe. Completely by chance, she noticed the beauty in the Jewellery Corinne was wearing and asked where it was from. Of course, with such a budding passion for jewellery design, all of the pieces Corinne was wearing were her own work. Chloe was incredibly impressed to hear this and immediately was able to see Corinne’s future career, crystal clear. Chloe suggested that Corinne considered starting a business, and helped her enroll in a government funded small business course.

In November 2013, Corinne came to the point her whole life had been leading towards. She launched A Silver Circle. Instantly, it was a full time Job with Corinne working long hours to develop everything from websites to packaging, and learning how to set up market stalls.

“I was excited but very apprehensive because in terms of the business side of things, I was diving into something I didn’t have any real knowledge or experience in.”

Not only did Corinne deal with the internal fear that comes along with the ongoing risks of running a small business, but her friends and family also had their own doubts.

“Everyone expected I would want to do it but my family and boyfriend at the time were wary of it, they weren’t the most supportive because they didn’t want me to struggle.”

Today the focus has shifted, and Corinne looks at her business as being all about expressing herself and her values through her jewellery. The designs are created to be wearable, rather than appropriated from exhibition pieces.

Corinne now places a major emphasis on offering eco friendly jewellery.

“I was always using some recycled materials, although it was more out of an interest in the materials with the main focus being about creating interesting contemporary pieces. Today It’s a personal thing too, I want to be more sustainable as a person and as a business. It’s a personal exploration now of balancing those two elements.”

When thinking about the future of A Silver Circle, Corinne wants to expand so that her jewellery is available in shops near you. In saying that, she doesn’t want the brand to become too commercial. Its important to her that she keeps the essence of it being a handmade Australia brand. She would love to be able to hire up and coming jewelers and help them learn their craft.

“I get my jewellery interns to try quite a lot of different techniques so they have the opportunity to learn a range of things and start to master those skills.”

Moving forward, A Silver Circle hopes to embody its new focus of eco friendly products and continues its design of new and elegant pieces.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers day is renowned for being one of the most difficult holidays to shop for. Dads never seem to know what they want, and there’s only so many years in a row that you can buy them new socks. With that in mind, we’ve created a father’s day gift guide to help you with that tricky decision and to make this Father’s Day one to remember.

Since we know that all dads are different, we have divided the gift guide into 3 different dads: the office dad, the cool trendy dad, and the more casual dad.

The office dad is typically the more conservative type of dad who works hard in his 9-5 office job. Even though they may not be a big jewellery wearer, we have something that they will not only feel comfortable wearing, but even a little bit fancy!

The textured cufflinks are all about simplicity. Without drawing too much attention, they will add a subtle sophistication to your dad’s office wear.

Another simple textured piece is the domed patterned cufflinks which are available in four different patterns. These are versatile enough to go from IT consultant to the CEO.

We all know a dad who thinks they are the coolest thing ever. If your dad is a little bit like Phil from The Modern Family and loves to crack dad jokes, then we’ve got you covered.

The Large Rectangular Reversible Pendent is ultra cool as it comes on a long 70cm chain. With 18 ct. gold bonded to sterling silver, the necklace is versatile if you’re not entirely sure whether your dad prefers gold or silver.

If your dad is that geeky kind of cool, the Computer Chip Cufflinks are absolutely perfect. These unique cufflinks will leave your dad feeling like one of a kind.

The casual dad is that super laid back dad that is easy going, and loves to opt for comfort over style. These kind of dads are all about a relaxed Sunday by the beach, an Aussie BBQ or a chilled afternoon reading the newspaper. We’ve selected two simple but easily wearable rings for all those casual dads out there.

The Hammered Ring Band is made from strong and thick sterling silver for a subtle yet charming look. The way it is hammered creates an interestingly masculine look.

For a slightly more sophisticated but still relaxed look, the Thin version of the Hammered Ring Band is perfect. This one can also be layered if you were planning to gift your dad with an entire collection.

No matter who your dad is, one of these options is sure to please him. On behalf of everyone at A Silver Circle we would love to wish you and your dad a very happy Father’s Day.